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Here, everything revolves around the finest, tastiest seafood the ocean has to offer. Whether raw, smoked or served between the halves of a bread roll, you can buy all our delicious fish-based specialities from our cutter, our food truck or directly from our Seeperle shop at Wismar Harbour.

Award 2020 for the
Best Fish Catering Concept
The fish restaurant Seeperle Wismar from the outside and at night.
Delicious seafood available all day

Seeperle specialities


You can’t imagine having anything with fish in it for your breakfast?

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Fish rolls

Whether enjoyed as a savoury breakfast, a delicious lunchtime snack or as an…

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Fish-based snacks

The sea air whets the appetite – and what better way to satisfy that appetite than…

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Fresh fish

From the net, straight to your plate – at our shop, we sell only the...

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Fresh fish is not only a real delicacy – our specially trained...

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Rollmops, matjes and friends

Anyone looking for fish with that certain je ne sais quoi has come to the right place…

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Smoked fish

Smoking is one of the oldest methods of preserving fish and transforming it...

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Fish salads

Whether enjoyed on their own or as a side dish with potatoes or bread – fish salads…

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Discover the diverse menu of the Seeperle in Wismar.
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Fish smokehouse

Using only our very best catch, we smoke our fish freshly each day in our ovens at Wismar Harbour. We flavour the fish with a range of selected spices and seasonings, from peppercorns to chilli pepper. Stop by and be spoilt for choice with our wide selection of delicious smoked fish.

The fish restaurant Seeperle from the outside

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The Seeperle in Wismar from the inside.

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The passionate team at Seeperle Wismar

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Fresh fish preparation in the Seeperle Wismar.

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Open daily from 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.