Seeperle Wismar

Fresh fish

From the net, straight to your plate – at our shop, we sell only the very freshest fish. We never know whether we will be able to sell you herring, cod and other fresh fish – and if so, at what price – until our daily morning meeting with the fishermen of Wismar and the island of Poel: over a brief chat with them, we assess the daily catch and soon have the fresh fish laid out in our display cases.

Fresh fish to suit every taste

From home and abroad

Our range of fresh fish varies daily – but we always have the right fresh fish to satisfy every taste.


  • Delicious fish from the Baltic Sea: e.g. flounder, cod, herring
  • Native freshwater fish: e.g. carp, pike
  • Exotic fish from the world’s oceans: e.g. sea bream, monkfish, tuna
  • Gourmet seafood: e.g. lobster, crabs, oysters

All of our fresh fish is available filleted or pre-gutted – you decide!

Selected fresh fish available to pre-order

If you want to cook a particularly delicious type of fish or seafood from the depths of the ocean or lakes that we do not have permanently in stock, you can simply pre-order it from us. We can obtain virtually any type of fish or seafood you desire – we promise! Do you know a passionate seafood chef? Then give them the gift of one of our vouchers!

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