Japanese delicacies

Sushi at the Seeperle Wismar

Fresh fish is not only a real delicacy – our specially trained employees conjure up the best sushi specialities every Tuesday, as well as on Saturdays when pre-ordered. Enjoy these bite-sized morsels in our Kombüse bistro or take these portable little flavour-bombs home with you!

A wide variety of sushi

Sushi fundamentally consists of rice prepared with vinegar and then combined with seafood and vegetables – with this basic concept, one can conjure up a wide variety of elegant and ingenious delicacies using raw and smoked fish. Maki and nigiri are especially popular forms of sushi at the Seeperle Wismar.

  • Maki sushi: With maki, the selected ingredients are usually rolled up in a seaweed leaf (nori). Typical ingredients include salmon, eel or tuna as well as horseradish, cucumber and carrot.
  • Nigiri sushi: With nigiri, the fish is placed loosely on top of a slender roll of rice. Strips of nori may be used to keep the topping in place.

Upon prior arrangement, we are happy to fulfil more exotic requests – at the counter, you can watch us at work as we freshly prepare your sushi. You can also use our sushi flyer in order to collect your sushi box from us as at a time of your choosing.


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Sushi at the Seeperle Wismar:

available every Tuesday and Saturday

Our delicious sushi is available every Tuesday, as well as on Saturdays when pre-ordered. Do you wish to share the joy of delicious sushi with friends? Then give them the gift of one of our vouchers!

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